About the Collective

Rising Ape Collective exists to help all kinds of people think about, and play around with, new ideas in research, technology and society. Since 2014, we’ve been doing this through immersive events, interactive theatre, games, writing and podcasts.

RISING APE PRESENTS Themed events for adults, often produced in collaboration with researchers and creatives, where the audience takes the lead through theatre and games.

RISING APE WRITES Stimulating online articles on science, life and you.

RISING APE SPEAKS (on hiatus) Podcasts and videos, in which science and technology are given the deadly serious treatment they deserve by people like unqualified pundits Antony Poveda and James Riley. 

Do you have an idea for an event, article, podcast, or something else? Get in touch. Rising Ape is insatiably inquisitive and always looking for new opportunities. 

Rising Ape Collective is currently…


DAVID JUDGE Games Creative Lead & Evaluation After studying Chemistry, David decided he would probably be doing a service to public health and safety if he left the lab. He now spends most of the time cajoling unsuspecting members of the public into taking an interest in science and technology. Whether it’s research for his PhD or coming up with convoluted tasks for Rising Ape punters, David injects everything with his own sickening level of enthusiasm for learning, and dry wit which no one else seems to understand.

Having said that, there is nothing which gets David more excited than cold, hard data. If he runs after you flailing a questionnaire, please humour him. Follow @thedavidjudge

Favourite Film: 2001 Space Odyssey

ALISON CRYAN Creative producer Alison performed in the kitchen as a child, forcing her family to watch. Nowadays, she forces them to see her shows while sitting in bigger audiences in unexpected venues. Alison has performed in theatres across the UK and was delighted to stumble across the work of Rising Ape. She loves asking questions and after the most enchanting immersive experiences you can guarantee she’ll stay until bitter end to pick the brains of performance artists.

Alison spent a year of her degree in France studying all sorts of biological concepts and “learning” about local wines and cheeses. Thanks to her degree, Alison continues to hunt wherever she goes for leaves she has never seen before and the ultimate Burgundy wine/cheese combo. Alison never wanted to choose between science or theatre or languages, so has always kept her fingers in as many pies and bries as possible. Follow @aalicry

Favourite pie: Lemon Meringue Pie


KATIE COOPER Stakeholder Engagement Manager Katie spent years locked away in poorly-heated, poorly-ventilated, and over-crowded offices during her time as an academic. Conversations were confined to complaining about coding issues, excessive coffee was drunk and weekends didn’t exist; she knew something had to change.

Now she’s been embraced by Rising Ape and can be found in warm yet drafty locations, still drinking excessive amounts of coffee but now also talking passionately about research instead of moaning. Something which is far more enjoyable for everyone. Follow @Cooper_KT

Favourite factual incorrect film to shout at: The Day After Tomorrow

James Riley Rising Ape science communication

JAMES RILEY Head of Development After attending a series of dreary science talks, James realised something had to change. Luckily he had a group of friends who shared his passions, dreams and hopes; people who could seriously revolutionise the way science and other ideas are communicated. Anyway, none of those guys were available so he got stuck with this lot.

Aside from whimsical grammar vandalism his other interests include genetics, cricket, cookery and pondering the likelihood of free will. Contrary to established philosophical thought, James has come to the conclusion that will isn’t free at all, it’s actually quite expensive.

Favourite article: ‘A Nation of Racist Dwarfs’ – Christopher Hitchens, Slate

ANTONY POVEDA Producer & Content Antony dreams of being an astronaut but will settle for writing the anthropomorphic tweets of space-going robots.

Until he lands that sweet gig, Rising Ape likes Antony‘s creativity, open mindedness and organisational talents. Rising Ape dislikes his self-aggrandisement and unapologetic use of the 3rd person. Talk to him about making theatre, scicomm as a service, what the brain does, occasional blogging, content design and the joys of collaborative work. He once inadvertently tried to make ‘sports engagement’ a thing at Science Showoff (it went okay). Read the Rising Ape blog for the latest updates | antonypoveda.github.io

Also known as: Project Wrangler for I’m a Scientist, Get me out of hereFixer for Bristol Scicomm Socials

Favourite quote: ‘Let’s eat. Let’s eat right now.

TOM RODGERS Poetry lover

Oh Tom, let me count the ways
You excel at public engagement
A rose by any other name would not smell
Like the kitchen of We The Curious
But you have promises to keep
And games to create for Rising Ape
Forgive me
they are devilish
so fun
and so cool

Rising Ape alumni…

Writes editors: Sam Jarman | Alex Hale

Writes featured writers:  Anwen Bowers | Jon Farrow | Siobhan Fairgreaves

Presents development: Estelle Cheuk

Graphic design: Jordan Collver | Pete Norton

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