Alison Cryan

Creative producer Alison performed in the kitchen as a child, forcing her family to watch. Nowadays, she forces them to see her shows while sitting in bigger audiences in unexpected venues. Alison has performed in theatres across the UK and was delighted to stumble across the work of Rising Ape. She loves asking questions and after the most enchanting immersive experiences you can guarantee she’ll stay until bitter end to pick the brains of performance artists.

Alison spent a year of her degree in France studying all sorts of biological concepts and “learning” about local wines and cheeses. Thanks to her degree, Alison continues to hunt wherever she goes for leaves she has never seen before and the ultimate Burgundy wine/cheese combo. Alison never wanted to choose between science or theatre or languages, so has always kept her fingers in as many pies and bries as possible.

Favourite pie: Lemon Meringue Pie

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