First Contact @My Science Fair, Wiltshire

Rising Ape Presents: First Contact at My Science Fair, Sunday 8 March, Wiltshire Music Centre

The year is 2026. We are not alone. A wormhole has opened to another galaxy, filled with alien lifeforms eager to share knowledge.

Local tech company ApeCorp sense a huge new market. But there’s a problem. The aliens can’t understand a thing we’re saying!

ApeCorp have invited the finest creative minds in Wiltshire (that’s YOU) to their pop-up imagi-lution suite for one simple purpose: inventing a communication machine prototype to send through the wormhole and start advertising to the alien customers. What could be easier?

Your team of friends and family is challenged to design and build a prototype communicator, tailored to the quirks of a strange new alien species and its world.

You can enter your communicator to be judged by the ApeCorp panel and the best ideas created over the day win prizes!

We’re excited about this chance to branch out of our typical adult audience and create an experience that challenges families. We hope you can join us as we attempt…. First Contact.

First Contact is one of many ace activities happening as part of My Science Fair.

My Science Fair runs 10am till 3pm at Wiltshire Music Centre, Sunday 8 March. Entry is FREE for all families.

Find out more on the Wiltshire Music Centre website.