Esperanto and the Man with the Paintbrush Moustache

Saluton mondo! Esperanto signifas ‘tiu kiu esperas’ en Esperanto. ńąi semajno Antony kaj James malkovri, kial parolantoj de la plej bone konataj planlingvo havas kialon por atendi denove. Krome, ni trovos tute nova kialo por malami diktatoroj. Phew.

ńąi podkastojn ankaŇ≠ enhavas ńČevaloj, raketoj, kaj parlamento de gufoj! Ne ke vi bezonis scii tion sed ni volis vidi kion ńČiuj tiuj vortoj aspektis kiel en Esperanto.

N.B. For those not keen on learning a made-up language just to read this podcast description (lazy people), then Google Translate is available here. Hint: It’s about Esperanto.



Evolutionary Plasticity and the Rise of Bipedal Mice

In this episode of Rising Ape Speaks we discuss how draining almost all the water out of fish’s pool has illustrated that evolution is by no means a closed book.

This leads on to James confessing his childhood spent dreaming up unethical experiments, and how the possible explanation for Antony‘s gymless body may lie with his cheese-eating father. Later on, creationists get it in the ear. Yes, evolution may be nature’s way, but Rising Ape Speaks will always stick to its timeless winning formula!¬†

Paywall free article about landlubbing Birchir fish here.

Chaperon and the Substitute For a Mother’s Love

Professor Nutt and Dr Z¬†aren’t yet a rap duo¬†(unfortunately), but they are working hard developing a new and euphoric drug called ‘chaperon’. Its¬†noble aim? To¬†limit your alcohol cravings. Hooray for science!

In this episode of Rising Ape Speaks, Antony and James discuss humanity’s¬†need for mind-altering substances, what personal¬†vices they¬†would like¬†to replace, and even dabble with the most dangerous drug of all – politics. Here’s the original New Scientist article, and the UK alcohol intake guidelines. Aren’t we helpful?

Xmas Special: Existential Risk and the Molecular Sex Robots

The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk studies existential risk … in a centre. In this bumper Christmas edition, find out what you should be terrified of this¬†festive season (and every other season for that matter). Rising Ape: turning festive cheer into festive fear.