Memories made in a night of brain exploration

Last month our latest event Memory Makers took place at the At-Bristol Data Dome (the big silver ball on Millenium Square). In full dome 360 projection, we featured an exclusive look at the game Cascade¬†and how¬†it’s transforming¬†what’s going on in the brain of someone with Alzheimer’s into a gaming¬†experience like no other.

In an immersive¬†walkthrough session we heard from researcher¬†Jody and developer Gaz on¬†how¬†the hallmarks of the disease lent themselves perfectly to a game medium. The thoroughly engaged audience then asked some thoughtful questions and we got into the details of the amyloid hypothesis and the process of game development. It was, as one attendee put it, ‘informative and visually amazing!’.

The audience also got to explore more of their brains through (jelly) tissue dissection, freaky audio illusions, and the gameshow stylings of Head 2 Head Рsee the packed leaderboard in the pics and try to spot your score if you were there.

For us, the most positive outcome was how excited the team behind the game were about the possibilities of taking the Cascade¬†full dome 360 projection experience to new places. Who knows, Cascade could be coming to a planetarium near you soon…

Huge thanks to Jody, Fayju Games, Ruth Murray and At-Bristol, plus our lovely volunteers for all their hard work. Thanks also to the Biochemical Society for funding the event.

And thanks to Nick Moylan for his¬†atmospheric photos of the night. You can find more of Nick’s wonderful images on his Instagram.